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SPECIAL NOTE: The Goodspeed Opera Cast Recording is no longer available. The original Off Broadway Cast recording from The York Theater production will be released sometime in 2008.
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CD Recording Quotes

"How wonderful it is to finally have the opportunity to enjoy and savor the score of Richard Isen and Erik Haagensen's A FINE AND PRIVATE PLACE with its original cast. This is a show with real wit, wisdom and lyricism. If you're a fan of SIX FEET UNDER you'll love A FINE AND PRIVATE PLACE."
    -Stephen Flaherty (Tony Award® winning composer of Ragtime, Anastasia, Once On This Island, Seussical)

"It's a haunting yet charming story because it's one in which people help people. Those who have passed away pass on what they've learned. Those who are still alive and well can aid two ghosts in search of a relationship. It's a musical that makes you feel better about Hamlet's daddy and all those other people who have moved on. What a wonderful tribute to Haagensen and Isen that their entire Goodspeed cast-Evalyn Baron, Gabriel Barre, Charles Goff, Maureen Silliman, and Brian Sutherland-all wanted to do it again, believing enough in A Fine and Private Place to return to it, re-learn the songs, and endure a recording session-which, for a cast album, is always an arduous and painstaking experience. Not that you'd ever know it from the way this album turned out. How fitting that a show about the enduring nature of love should produce such a warm and winning recording."
    -excerpted from Peter Filichia's liner notes of the show's original Goodspeed cast recording

"The show follows closely Peter S. Beagle's story. The songs are true to the spirit of this quirky tale, and the performances of the cast could scarcely be improved."
    -Stephen Peithman, Stage Directions Magazine

"These gifted writers have written a delightful and moving chamber musical with a memorable score. "
    -Richard Maltby, Jr. (Tony Award® winning Broadway director, lyricist, for AIN'T MISBEHAVIN', BABY, CLOSER THAN EVER, SONG AND DANCE, MISS SAIGON)

"How wonderful that after 15 years, in this incredibly difficult time to get an actual original cast recording, Richard Isen and Erik Haagensen finally have a perfect document of their haunting show A Fine and Private Place. The cast is even more seasoned now, which gives the work a new resonance and depth, and more has happened in these years, loss, loss, loss, to make the whole notion of those dwelling in the 'world behind the world,' and needing a kind of care and love, even more powerful. Bravo!"
     -Ricky Ian Gordon (composer-lyricist of the musicals MY LIFE WITH ALBERTINE, DREAM TRUE, the song cycle, ONLY HEAVEN, and the CD of original songs, BRIGHT EYED JOY)

"A FINE AND PRIVATE PLACE is a musical of distinction. Its score is dramatic and tuneful, its lyrics witty and original. Messrs. Haagensen and Isen have fashioned a thoroughly compelling and moving piece of musical theatre. So, where's the next one?"

"Both music and lyrics are affable, a combination of mystery and na´vetÚ that cuts through any possible mawkishness. Particularly lovely are 'Close Your Eyes,' sung by Laura, and 'No One Ever Knows,' sung by Gertrude."
    -David A. Rosenberg (BACKSTAGE, July 15, 2004)

Production Review Quotes

"The Goodspeed [does not open its] "work-in-progress" productions at the Norma Terris Theatre to review. I cannot let this show pass, however, without comment. It is one of the most unlikely stage productions I have encountered in a long time. Imagine, a musical comedy set in a cemetery! Impossible, you say? That was my initial reaction, too. And yet A Fine and Private Place challenges your imagination and holds your interest from start to finish. It works remarkably well. The show should have a future off Broadway and/or on tour, much like The Fantasticks. All the necessary elements are there-life, love, death, drama, comedy, an intriguing book and lyrics, a fine musical score-plus a talking raven. What more can you ask of a modest, yet strangely riveting, new musical?"
    -Connecticut Pictorial Gazette

"Erik Haagensen's book and lyrics weave a captivating tale. His sharp, witty lyrics remind one of Stephen Sondheim at his razor sharpest. Endearing supernatural hijinks, charm, and innocence."
    -New Jersey Villadom Times

"Offbeat pleasures and glints of real promise. The most winning character is the sardonic raven, a sensational turn. The sentimental fable is carried along nicely by Richard Isen's constrainedly eloquent score and Haagensen's lyrics. "No One Ever Knows" is a beautifully placed hymn to mortality. Poignant and charming."
    -Newark Star-Ledger

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