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NOTE: The Goodspeed Opera Cast Recording is no longer available. The original Off Broadway Cast recording from The York Theater production will be released sometime in 2008.
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Information on the Goodspeed Cast Recording

CD Credits and Biographies

CD booklet cover Complete CD booklet (pdf)
The Players (in order of appearance)
The Raven– Gabriel Barre
Jonathan Rebeck– Charles Goff
Michael Morgan– Brian Sutherland
Gertrude Klapper– Evalyn Baron
Laura Durand– Maureen Silliman
Campos– Gabriel Barre
Voice of the priest– Peter S. Beagle
The Musicians
Musical Director/piano– Henry Aronson
Percussion– James Musto
Bass– Ray Kilday

Recorded, edited and mixed at Manhattan Beach Recording Studios, Uptime Studios and Sound on Sound Recording Studios.

Recording Engineers: Dan Hopler and MP Kuo
Editing: MP Kuo and Richard Furch
Mixing Engineer: Richard Furch
Mastering by Tom Carr
Music Preparation by Finn Byrhard

Graphic design and illustration by Alan Dubinsky

Recording produced by Kristen Blodgette and David Lai

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