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  • "This musical is charming! This musical cleverly and, at times, brilliantly adapts the novel so that the eccentric and fantastic are accepted side by side with solid characters brought to vivid life in words and music -- for after all it is only through flesh and blood characters that any stage work can succeed. Much written fantasy fiction evaporates when adapted to the stage, and Mr. Beagle is indeed lucky that his novel has been handled with such obvious love and care. The book and lyrics are so well crafted that conversational exchanges merge seamlessly with soulful outpourings of emotion. The score is a mosaic of moods and themes with some of the most beautiful melodies I have heard this season Off- or On-Broadway. I loved this show and the entire cast!
    -New York Times Online Reader Review

  • "A wonderfully pleasing tale of self-discovery (beyond the grave!), of recognizing the true nature of love, and ultimately about the importance of living fully and bravely. I have seen this show twice, and may go again!"
    -New York Times Online Reader Review

  • What a wonderful theatre experience.....
    -Broadwaybox.com Review

  • Gorgeous in every way
    I have to say I did not know what to expect from this show. No, I will be honest and say I did not want to go. A fantasy musical set in a cemetery? Not my idea of a fun evening. But, boy was I A)surprised, and B)completely won over. It is the most original and truly touching musical I have seen in a long time. Beautifully designed and directed; sophisticated music and lyrics, and a cast to absolutely die for. Real voices, in space small enough that you can actually hear them without amplification, and a 6-piece orchestra, too. Funny, touching and thought-provoking. I saw a number of people wiping away tears at the end. I recommend it highly. My only regret is that I paid full price, when there are a number of discounts available. But for this unexpected pleasure, it was more than worth the 50 bucks!
    -Broadwaybox.com Review

  • This haunting and offbeat show, according to the program notes, was written when its authors were very young men. Author Peter Beagle (THE LAST UNICORN) wrote the original novel at age 19 and Erik Haagensen wrote the original libretto when he was 27. Mr. Haagensen is now 52. I think this production of their show (with James Morganís beautiful set) was worth the wait. It has some gorgeous music by Richard Isen and Mr. Haagensenís lyrics are refreshingly intelligent and literate. In one of Tennessee Williamsí plays a character says that people buried in the bone orchard are talking to the living, saying, Live! Live! In this story, itís one of the living who tells the ghosts, Love! Love! An old man (Joseph Kolinsky) has turned his back on the world to live in a cemetery because he can hear dead people. He converses with them and with a sassy raven who also shares his gift. A lonely widow (Evalyn Barron) frequents this cemetery to visit her late husband, Morris. When she happens upon the derelict (much to his discomfort), she at first thinks that he is the ghost of Morris. But Morris is not the ghost of this piece. The ghosts that arrive are those of a young man (Glenn Seven Allen) and woman (Christianne Noll) who have lived unhappy lives, he with an unsupportive wife and she with loneliness and disappointment. They meet in the afterlife and are attracted to each otherís souls, but have no trust in relationships. The cast are all outstanding singer-actors. As the young female ghost, Christianne Noll (JEKYLL & HYDE) gives a delicately modulated performance and lives up to her reputation as one of the most versatile young leading women working today. Her singing is simply peerless. But it is Evalyn Barron (who was Tony-nominated for QUILTERS) as the old Jewish woman Gertrude Klapper who steals the show. This character could have been a clichť, but Barronís warmth and finely-nuanced performance endows her with a beautiful humanity that made me really care about her. This is truly one of the outstanding performances of the season in my book. I also liked Gary Littman, a gifted mime, as the raven. His performance is one of the showís many delights. This is an unusual show thatís hard to categorize. Itís probably not for everybody (This is not MAMA MIA), but to those who like an occasional oddball musical with a melodic score performed by some wonderful singing actors, Iíd say donít miss it.
    -Broadwaybox.com Review

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